How To Keep Wine Fresh After Opening

Has this ever happened to you? You pop open a bottle of your favorite vino, pour yourself a glass, and then suddenly remember that you have to be up early for that spin class you promised your bestie you’d attend. Now you’re stuck with an open bottle of wine that you don’t want to waste. Fear not, my fellow millennials! I’m here to help you master the art of keeping your wine fresher than your favorite meme. Let’s dive into the wonderful world of wine preservation!

Say Hello to Vacuum Wine Stoppers

The first lifesaver on our list is the vacuum wine stopper. This little gadget is like the fairy godmother of wine preservation. Just place the stopper in the bottle, pump out the air, and voila! Your wine’s freshness is preserved like your Snapchat streaks.

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These stoppers are cheap, reusable, and incredibly easy to use – they’re like the avocado toast of wine gadgets.

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Refrigerate, Baby, Refrigerate!

Remember that fridge in your kitchen that’s usually stocked with kale and almond milk? Turns out it’s also the perfect place to store your opened wine bottle. Keeping your wine in the fridge helps slow down the oxidation process, which is what turns your precious Pinot into vinegar. Pro tip: even red wine should be chilled after opening. Just give it a little time to reach room temperature before enjoying it again. It’s like a wine siesta!

Half-Bottle Hack

Here’s a hack for when you’re halfway through a bottle and need to keep it fresh: pour the remaining wine into a smaller bottle or mason jar. Less air in the container means less oxidation, which means your wine stays fresher for longer.

It’s simple math, people. Bonus points if you use a cute mason jar that’s totally Instagram-worthy.

Wine Shield: The Unsung Hero

Wine Shield is like the backup dancer of wine preservation, quietly doing its job while the flashy vacuum stoppers and refrigerators steal the show. It’s a thin plastic disk that you can place on top of your wine, creating a barrier between the liquid and the air. It’s simple, effective, and doesn’t even require any extra storage space – just like that one friend who’s always down for a last-minute hangout.

The Inert Gas Swoop

For those who consider themselves wine connoisseurs (or just really hate wasting wine), there’s the inert gas option. Products like Private Preserve and WineLife use a mixture of inert gases like argon and nitrogen to protect your wine from oxidation. Simply spray the gas into the open bottle, then seal it with a stopper. It’s like a super-powered force field for your wine – may the freshness be with you!


Now that you’re armed with these wine-saving tricks, you can fearlessly open any bottle of vino without worrying about wasting a single drop. It’s time to let the good times flow, my fellow millennials! And remember, life is too short to drink bad wine, so keep it fresh and enjoy every last sip. Cheers!

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